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Home Automation & Smart Home Systems – LightwaveRF

Home Automation & Smart Home Systems – LightwaveRF

Home Automation & Smart Home Systems – LightwaveRF

Recent technological advances have made the process of setting up a home automation system easy and affordable. Every home can now become a smart home, with dimmer switches, remote power switches, light fittings and a range of intelligent energy saving devices now readily available.

This development in home automation has been made possible by LightwaveRF. The LightwaveRF is an intelligent home automation system that lets you turn your home into a smart home and take control of it on your smartphone, laptop or tablet - wherever you are in the world. By using a light switch app (for android or iPhone) or a home automation controller you can remotely control any lights, heating, dimmers and power switches that are linked up by the LightwaveRF Link.

Home automation systems like the Lightwave RF have additional benefits beyond being able to control a home remotely. These intelligent fittings, switches and power controls enable you to easily monitor how much energy you are using and control your lighting and heating remotely. A home automation system allows you to switch off any electrical appliances that have been left on or turn on your heating while on your way home from work, therefore saving you money on your energy bills.

Converting your home into a smart home has advantages and benefits that go far beyond simply saving energy and money; they can be of huge benefit to the elderly and those with mobility issues. By turning ordinary homes into intelligent, easily controlled smart homes, home automation systems are changing the lives of the elderly and disabled, enabling them to live independently and control their living space like never before.

Easy to install and simple to use, The LightwaveRF range of home automated products simply replace your existing sockets and switches, allowing you take control of your home’s lighting and power within minutes.

A list of the LightwaveRF products we stock are : 

All LigtwaveRF home automation products include a 2-year warranty as standard. For more information about the LightwaveRF range of home automation solutions, please visit their website. To find out more about home automation systems and product reviews, visit

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